Friday, January 9, 2009

My Country Gardens in the city of Sunbury,Pa

When we bought the house in 1992, there was only an edge along the side of yard w/flowers .So it took me about 3 years to turn it in to my country gardens.
My granddaughters said it was like a jungle ! LOL . That's ok,I still loved it.

When I decided I wanted to move closer to my home ,it was hard to leave the gardens,but I fell in love with this house ,pictured above !!

So now,I have started to work on this yard.I probably,won't have it that full again,because,it is to hard to keep up with it,but I'll have enough !!
The ground here is so hard,I have to work mushroom soil & mulch in to the ground ,so I could work with it. The soil in Sunbury,was like black gold ,everything grew !!!

Last summer ,I planted a DayLily garden over 100 kinds,sm.herb garden,sm.butterfly garden,I also put in about 50 kinds of Irises,Perennial Gardens,Holly bush,boxwood.1 sm.pond & I had tomato plants for the first time,in my life !! (I even one some ribbons at 2 country fairs, with the tomatoes ,flowers & herbs)I hope I remembered,all of the gardens.

This year ,I hope will be a beautiful display !!
I had to add pics of my strange,cute tomato ! It reminded me of ,(don't laugh),Duck's beak or ,like it had a bow tie on a RED SNOWMAN !!! !!!

Click on pic to enlarge !!

I will add to it this year,if possible !

Prim Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow, your garden is beautiful. It must have been very difficult to leave! I often think about if I could ever move to another house, but it isn't the house I would have trouble leaving, but the yard! I understand about all the blood, sweat and tears put into a garden! Have a great weekend--enjoy looking at those garden catalogs that come in the mail this time of year!

  2. Hi Sharon, I'm a garden lover too. I adore your garden. The tomato is pretty funny too. I came here to Texas many years ago. I am a native Californian and my gardens always grew so pretty and abundant there. But not here. My present home has very few sunny areas and so I must garden here and there. As you probably know, Texas is either so hot the plants can't take it or there's ice and never pretty snow. I hope to change this some day. For now I'll live through your beautiful gardens and check back often. Your friend, Kathy


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